This Genevois bistro, dubbed "Chez Boubier" by its devoted local clientele, conjures up an atmosphere distinctly reminiscent of the Parisian brasseries of St-Germain-des-Prés of the 1930s with its simple wooden tables, wooden wall panels, and chandeliers, and its brisk, efficient service. However, it's definitely one to miss if you're vegetarian. Somewhat unusually, it only serves one main course: premium entrecôte steak, cooked to perfection to your specifications and served dripping with herb butter, three helpings of chips, and a generous, tastily dressed green salad. Of course, Paris has long been famous for its steak frites and, once you've tried Chez Boubier's steaks here in Geneva, it's easy to see why. To follow, choose between sorbet, ice cream, fruit salad, or patisseries. The whole experience is simple but delicious.