Having trained with some of the top names in Spanish cooking (Berasategui and Subijana among them), Lola Marin opened this handsome restaurant in the new part of town in late 2009 and quickly won a dedicated following among Granada gastronomes. Marin cooks from her Andalucían roots, drawing on Jewish and Moorish influences, but she presents the dishes in a carefully edited fashion that could grace the cover of any food magazine. Her barely cooked foie gras, for example, is accompanied by chocolate popcorn and sweet-and-sour quince paste. Her garlic and saffron-infused rice “soup” that’s halfway to a risotto is studded with asparagus tips and topped with shaved truffles. She roasts lamb with whole grapes and serves it with fried bread crumbs and melon. It’s anyone’s guess what she’ll be cooking next week, but a peek on the website will tell you what’s being served tonight. Damasqueros serves just one menu per day, with or without a wine pairing.