If you're a car buff, you'll love this place, and if not you'll soon find a reason to like it. After all, who wouldn't want to see the first car in the world? And no, it wasn't the Model T (though there is one on display here). It's a strange looking 3-wheeler made in 1886 by Benz that stands in the museum's entryway. Pass into the main room and there are historic cars everywhere. A few vintage motorcycles occupy some ledges just under the ceiling. One of the most amazing vehicles is the Batmobile, and not the one you are most likely to imagine from the movies. On display is the gleaming, black with red trimmed, elaborately winged, boat-like vehicle driven by Adam West who played the Caped Crusader in the original TV series in 1966. It even has a—now very dated looking—Batphone just under the dashboard. From convertibles to fastbacks, racers to touring vehicles, there's a wide assortment of makes and models; the hood ornaments alone are worth seeing. It's a lot of fun and won't take you very long.

One extravagantly rich, speed-boat-racing, car-loving, shipping magnate turned philanthropist is responsible for this elaborate display of cars by makers from Bentley to Rolls Royce, and from Ferrari to Maserati, with Cadillacs, Coopers, Corvettes, and more. The museum has added interesting trivia about the production of cars, and the back-stories to others. Many in this collection have been owned by celebrities, notables, and politicians—some that might surprise you. What kind of a car do you think Sir Elton John used to drive? Answer: A 1963 Bentley, and, yes, you can see it at the Motor Museum.