This dolphinarium is one of the latest attractions on Grand Cayman. It has three different programs for swimming with the dolphins. (Although some surveys have revealed that dolphins may not like such intimate contact with humans, nobody talks about that here.)

The least expensive program, for ages 8 and above, is the "Dolphin Lovers Swim," during which a dolphin might sing to you, or even give you a hug and a kiss. The second program, "Dolphin Swim Adventure," allows you to go for a belly ride with this sea creature. Participants stroke and pet the dolphins.

The final and most expensive program, "Dolphin Royal Swim," allows for even more intimate contact with the dolphins. They'll not only give you a kiss and a hug, but will pull you with their dorsal tows, giving a speedy ride. After that, the dolphins will push your feet to raise you up to the water surface. Visitors to the Dolphin Discovery can spend an hour or 3 hours, depending on what they want to do.