On 24 hectares (59 acres) of rugged wooded land off Frank Sound Road, North Side, this park allows visitors to take a short walk through wetland, swamp, dry thicket, mahogany-tree stands, and patches of orchids and bromeliads. Hurricane Ivan destroyed some of the vegetation, but since then, the park has grown back. The trail is 1km (2/3 mile) long. You'll likely see chickatees, which are freshwater turtles found only on the Caymans and in Cuba. Occasionally you'll spot the rare Grand Cayman parrot, or perhaps the anole lizard, with its cobalt-blue throat pouch. Even rarer is the endangered blue iguana. The visitor center features changing exhibitions, plus a canteen for food and refreshments. It's set adjacent to the woodland trail and includes a heritage garden with a re-creation of a traditional Cayman home, garden, and farm; a floral garden with flowering plants; and a lake with three islands, home to many native birds. About 1 hour is sufficient time for visiting the botanic park.