Well after all the other kitchens have closed and the chefs have gone home, after the bars and dance floors have turned out their lights, this cheerful little joint keeps pumping out gyro-style beef and lamb, and marinated grilled chicken, until 4 in the morning. Late-nighters are willing to stay up a little longer to catch a bit of this spice. You can slide pork tenderloin over a salad, wrap it in a pita, or leave it on the skewer, mix it with pickle, or choose from many different sauces—15 or so—such as peanut satay or mango raita. They call it a building block menu and it can be hard to decide. It's all good and it's the island's best cure for a hangover.  There is no dining room, but you won't miss it. After your food comes out piping hot, eat at the tables on the wooden deck next to the shack. You may see someone you bumped into on the dance floor earlier.