A fine example of an iconic Caribbean port town café and bar that is always reached by walking up wooden stairs decorated with shark warnings and hand-painted ore-shaped signs informing you of the distance to Miami and Cuba. Once inside Bacardi flags hang on strings across the ceiling and the huge windows open to the air on the bay a stone’s throw from where the fishing boats pull up and the cruise ships dock. The food is a respectable tangle of Caribbean and American with things like pizza, pasta, fish, burgers and jerk chicken.

The happy hours are the best deal, and the bartender is a wealth of information telling you where to go and what to see so you won’t miss any of the action. Sit by an open window with a cold beer and people watch on the streets below. There are also booths and a long, narrow kitchen visible from the dinning room.

 Don’t be alarmed if at 3pm everybody clears out all at once in a matter of minutes. They’ve gone back to their cruise ships. Sure there is a Domino’s and a Pizza Hut you can go to and they may be a dollar cheaper, but why would you want to. They pour 20 premium brands of rum here and there's live entertainment every Friday and Saturday evening. Be amazed at the expertise displayed in the exquisite balance of sugar cane and lime in the Island Drink cocktail.