At first glance, you might think this is little more than a waterfront shack. But when you enter, you'll find a charming, funky, and slightly psychedelic bar and restaurant that absolutely drips with Creole colors, a sense of whimsy, and even a bold and creative elegance. If the wind isn't too brisk, you can sit on a wooden deck directly above the water, watching workaday fishing craft depositing their loads at West Bay's busiest fishing port. The place feels very authentic, with a clientele from many walks of Caymanian life, ranging from the moneyed to the bohemian—resulting in an atmosphere that's a far cry from the congestion and glitter of Seven Mile Beach. Perch at the rectangular bar here for a cocktail or any of a dozen kinds of wine by the glass, or, if a table isn't likely to become available, opt for a full meal. The best menu items include marinated conch; a creamy version of lobster bisque; Cuban-style shrimp with sherry-flavored cream sauce; fresh fish (ask the waiter what's available) that can be blackened, grilled, or sautéed; veal chops with chanterelles; and a garlic-laced version of shrimp linguine. Favorite desserts include mango crepes and sticky toffee pudding.