Up the wide wooden stairs from the beach, comfortable seating, linen curtains, dark wood, and a mirrored bar transport you immediately to a graceful atmosphere of casual Caribbean elegance. The food that follows is equally dreamy. The ample open-air veranda surrounds the perimeter and overlooks a leafy edged half-moon bay where small boats come and go below bringing visitors to dine here, or spend time at the downstairs beach bar.

Daniel, the owner, can be found most nights welcoming newcomers and chatting with return guests. You can come here for the setting, the service, and the amazing food, but if you enjoy sipping rum or want to give it a try, then this is a very wise choice indeed.  Daniel has an extensive collection of rare tasting rums. He’ll share his rum and his considerable knowledge of the delightful liquid. 

The menu is carefully designed offering a balance of tastes and textures, and the inventive tortellini—with roasted sweet corn ricotta—is only one of the delightful surprises. Octopus is chargrilled and combined with calamari and served on baby spinach. Traditional dishes with a twist make the familiar sparkle, like Jamiacan-style boneless braised oxtail or lobster with coconut milk, lemon grass, green curry,  and purple eggplant. The flavors of Caribbean snapper blend beautifully with herb couscous and spiced gazpacho puree.

The tasting menu is most exquisite and costs a little less than those at other high-end restaurants on the island, making it well worth the CI$60. The additional CI$30 wine charge includes a rare rum. The vahlrona chocolate pot served with vanilla mousse and a sable biscuit is delicious on its own, but paired with a rare rum chosen by Daniel, and it’s out of this world.