Take a Sunday drive out to the East End of Grand Cayman and stop at Miss Vivian’s house for a meal. Her reputation for the best local food is island-wide. Order from a daily menu through a window that looks into her kitchen. You can sit on picnic tables outside in her backyard and watch the sea roll over the shallow waters of the reef. In case it rains or you just feel like it, you can also sit under the colorful cover of her patio dining room. She offers stewed turtle (don’t worry, it’s farmed), BBQ chicken, stewed beef, fish, and conch in season.

You can order a soda, though there's also a surprising choice of fresh juices from carrot to mango, and mixes of several. Caymanian women in this area traditionally cook on Sundays, and Miss Vivian's is appealing to families on drives along Sea View Road who stop for home-cooked food as part of the excursion. From this vantage point as you look across the bay you can still see the eighteenth-century remains of the Ten Sail Wreck at the edge of the reef. Cash only.