With an ambiance inspired, the owners say, by Miami Beach and St. Tropez, Osetra Bay provides a unique experience in the very crowded field of quality sourced, high-end restaurants on a small island. The outdoor dining room on picturesque West Bay overlooks the docks with many small vessels and diners are serenaded by the sounds of boat riggings. White tablecloths, tall white standing lamps, and white linen curtains provide the backdrop to servers in white linen bringing food on white plates. You might think you've died and gone to heaven, or your eye might just keep looking for something, anything, on the color spectrum. If so, the petite sprig of fresh thyme in a small vase on your table adds a hint of green. But after all, you've come to sup, and in this regard the attention to detail pays off.

When the bread comes, there are 3 spreads and, yes, the spiced butter is churned there. Many great Cayman chefs prepare the local wahoo in delightful ways, but here it is surprisingly simple and delicious while enormous attention is paid to presentation. 
As you might expect, heaven comes at no small price. After all, the restaurant takes its name from one of the priciest types of caviar. In fact you can order an once of the highest quality golden osetra farmed in the Caspian sea for CI$380.  
In addition to the outside dining room, there are two lounges, the Silver and the Gold, both of which are extravagantly appointed with unnaturally comfortable furniture. Lounge there—or sit at the bar—and enjoy an inspired selection of cocktails. Try the Cotton Candy Martini for something completely different.