Beeline from the valley floor to the park’s stunning subalpine zone in 1 day on this exceptional (if quite steep—elevation gain is nearly 3,000 ft.) hike. Your views of the Grand Teton, Mount Owen, and Jackson get better with every step, and soon you’ll ascend to vistas over Bradley and Taggart Lake, too. You know you’re almost there when you reach Surprise Lake; press on to the stony cirque cradling Amphitheater Lake, topped off by Disappointment Peak lording over the water to the west. Not only is the trail blessed with views, glacial moraine features, and wildflower meadows, but you might see black or grizzly bears, moose, or grouse—making it one of the finest day hikes in the entire park. As an additional or alternate destination, spire-riddled Garnet Canyon awaits just south on a spur branching off the main trail at mile 3.