Gros Morne's Southern Section

The road through the southern section of Gros Morne dead-ends at Trout River. This southern section contains some of eastern Canada's most dramatic terrain. Yes, you can glimpse the rust-colored Tablelands from north of Bonne Bay near Rocky Harbour and call it a day. But without actually walking through that desolate landscape, you miss much of its impact. The southern section also contains several lost-in-time fishing villages that predate the park's creation in 1973, plus a newer Discovery Centre with exhibits focusing on the park's unique natural history.

The scenic centerpiece of the southern section is Trout River Pond, a landlocked fjord some 14km (9 miles) long. You can hike along its northern shore to get a great view of The Narrows, where cliffs nearly pinch the pond in two. Or, if you're interested in expending fewer calories and getting a look from water level, stop at the gift shop between the village of Trout River and the pond. A touring outfit has operated 2 1/2-hour boat tours in previous summers, one to three times daily, aboard a 40-passenger boat; the surrounding, panoramic views are simply breathtaking.

Gros Morne's Northern Section

Gros Morne's northern section flanks Route 430 for some 72km (45 miles) between Wiltondale and St. Paul's. The road winds through abrupt, forested hills south of Rocky Harbour; beyond, the road finally levels out, following a broad coastal plain covered mostly with bog and "tuckamore" (Newfie translation: clumps of stunted trees and shrubs). East of this plain rises the extraordinarily dramatic monoliths of the Long Range. This section contains the park's main visitor center, as well as its one must-see attraction: Western Brook Pond.

The hardscrabble fishing village of Rocky Harbour is your best bet for tourist services, including motels, B&Bs, Laundromats, and the like. One caveat: This area lacks a good, big grocery store or supply depot of the sort you might expect to be located near a big national park of such international significance. What you'll find instead are a few modest grocers. Adjust your culinary radar downward accordingly.

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