While I find this attraction a bit cheesy, and the off-scale accentuation of the mountains a bit disconcerting, it's still a great way to get a feel for the lay of the land, and kids love it. What's more awe-inspiring is that this map, constructed in 1904, was done far before the existence of resources such as Google Earth and satellite imaging. Its designer, Francisco Vela, did an impressive job, even if the mountains and volcanoes do come across a bit too tall and pointy. The map shows the country's major roads, rivers, lakes, and railways. Despite its age, this attraction has weathered the years well. The map is massive, covering an area of some 40x80m (130x260 ft.), and an observation tower gives you a good view. The map isn't in a particularly safe neighborhood, so it's best to come and go by taxi. Allow about 30 minutes to take in this exhibit.