Getting There

The most convenient place to fly in is Busan's Gimhae Airport, which has international flights from other destinations in Asia, as well as domestic flights from Incheon, Gimpo, Jeju, Gwangju, and Gangneung. The province also has two domestic airports, one in Sacheon (near Jinju) and the other at Ulsan. Sample bus fares from Sacheon Airport are W3,300 to Goseong (30-min. ride), W6,300 to Chungmu (1-hr. ride), and W7,800 to Geoje (about 80 min.).

Visitors traveling by rail usually arrive in Busan first (usually using the high-speed KTX line) and then take one of three rail lines to other parts of the province. The Gyeongbu line runs north through Miryang toward Daegu and up. The Donghae Nambu line goes to Ulsan, Gyeongju, and Yeongcheon. The Gyeongjeon line goes west from Samnyang-jin to Jinju, Hadong, and other destinations in Jeollanam-do.

Rather than infrequent trains, buses are a more convenient way to get around the province.

If you're driving, major expressways extend to most parts of the province. The main one, the Gyeongbu Expressway (road 1), runs between Seoul and Busan. The Ulsan Expressway (road 16) connects Ulsan to Eonyang. The Namhae Expressway (road 10) joins Gyeongsangnam-do to Jeollanam-do, with a branch line, 104, going around Gimchae and running into the southern part of Busan. The Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway (road 45) connects Masan to Daegu, while the Jungbu Expressway (road 35) connects Hamyang to Jinju and Tongyeong. The 88 Olympic Expressway (road 12) connects Daegu to Gwangju. When the Donghae Expressway (road 65) is completed, it will connect Busan to Ulsan and Pohang and run along the coast up to Gangwon-do.

You can also take an express bus from Seoul to Andong, Sangju, Gimcheon, Gumi, Daegu, Gyeongju, Pohang, Yeongju, and Yeongcheon. Intercity buses travel all over the province.

There are boats from Jinhae and Masan to Geoje-do and from Geoje-do to Busan. The most extensive ferry services are available from Tongyeong to the outlying islands, with some ferries from Samcheonpo.

Getting Around

Local buses from smaller cities and towns take you to outlying areas, but some of them run infrequently to remote or less popular places, so check your return bus schedule and plan accordingly.

Visitor Information

Gyeongsangnam-do's main Tourist Information Center, 484-3 Samdeok-li, Hoehwa-myeon (tel. 055/670-2670), is located next to the Oksu Service Station in Goseong County. Another information center can be found near the Hamyang service station in Hamyang County, San 40-1 Bosan-li, Jigok-myeon (tel. 055/964-2710). Both are open daily from 9am to 6pm March to June and September to October; until 8pm July to August; and until 5pm November to February.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.