Halifax’ leading restaurateurs, husband-and-wife team Stephanie and Maurizio Bertossi (he’s the son of a five-star Venetian chef) were behind the creation of this hugely popular, trendy restaurant. They’ve since sold it, but it retains their stamp, which is lively fusion fare (they call it “North American food with an Italian soul”) in a setting that feels like the hippest place in the city. Dishes are divided into “1st Gear”, “2nd Gear” and “High Gear” but be careful: often the 2nd gear offerings are as large as the High Gear ones so it’s not unusual to over-order. Not that that would be a tragedy: the menu is awash in winning dishes like lobster ravioloni, seared Nova Scotia halibut wrapped in pancetta and topped with whipped lobster mascarpone sauce, and a creamy fish soup that’s swimming with seafood of all sorts. You’ll know the place by the old bicycles out front.