13 miles S of Brunswick, 17 miles S of Bath

Extending southwest from Brunswick and Bath, the picturesque Harpswell region is actually three peninsulas, like the tines of a pitchfork, if you include the islands of Orrs (pictured) and Bailey, which are linked to the mainland by bridges. While close to some of Maine’s larger towns (Portland is only 45 minutes away), the Harpswell Peninsula has a remote, historical feel with sudden vistas across meadows to the blue waters of northern Casco Bay. It has few hiking trails and no garish attractions—just winding roads good for country drives. (Narrow shoulders and fast cars make for poor biking, however.)

The islands are perfect for a beautiful drive back into an older Maine, and a good lobster dinner at the end of the peninsula, on a good day. But if the weather’s bad, skip it—you’ll just find it monotonous. Note that, as in much of Maine, there is nothing at all to do on the peninsula at night besides enjoy the quiet.