Hong Kong is a developer's dream, with new projects sprouting so quickly and so frequently that the city is constantly reinventing itself. This is the government's high-tech outreach venue to the public, where major planning proposals and infrastructure projects that will take place over the next 5 to 30 years are presented and explained with the use of models, maps, holographic photos, touch-screen displays, simulators, videos, and other interactive displays that extend over three floors. Tours are best started on the third floor, where a 17-minute film describes past and future development projects and there's a huge model of Hong Kong's topography. Visitors can then drive a simulator car over the future Hong Kong-Zuhai-Macau bridge, learn how land is reclaimed in this city, see how much Kowloon has grown over the past few decades, study future projects ranging from West Kowloon's transformation into a cultural and entertainment center and the new cruise terminal at old Kai Tak to transportation projects that will link West Kowloon to China and extend the MTR to south Hong Kong Island. Most fun is the photo booth allowing visitors to take a snapshot of themselves with the Big Buddha or the harbor as a backdrop. Most people spend about 90 minutes here.