Sandwiched between the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Star Ferry concourse, this is the territory's largest arena for the arts. Opened in 1989, this complex is a good bet for free music and events, including family shows two Saturdays a month (usually the second and fourth Sat) from 3 to 4:30pm that may include Chinese dance, a magic show, or music. Thursday Happy Hour, held once a month from 6 to 7pm, features Chinese classical music, Western music, and other free shows by local performance groups. There are also occasional free outdoor concerts in the Piazza. Pick up a monthly leaflet of events at the center or call the number listed for program inquiries.

Otherwise, the pride of the Cultural Centre is its 2,100-seat Concert Hall, home of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. It features a 93-stop, 8,000-pipe Austrian Rieger organ -- one of the world's largest. Two levels of seating surround the stage, which is set near the center of the oval hall. The center has two additional theaters: the Grand Theatre, used for musicals, large-scale drama, dance, film shows, and Chinese opera; and the smaller Studio Theatre, designed for experimental theater and dance.