It's really easy to get to Hong Kong Disneyland—it's a few stops from the airport or about 30 minutes from the heart of the city, both by MTR—so visiting doesn't have to consume an entire day. At this park, which was opened in 2005 with co-sponsorship by the local government, you'll find the closest approximation of the original Anaheim Disneyland of the late 1950s in that it's compact, manageable, and still growing. There's one park, no separate shopping district, and three hotels, all on a car-free campus built on what was once a shallow bay. Some things will be familiar (a Main Street USA, a little Fantasyland with an It's a Small World ride, a railroad encircling the park), while others have been given their own twist for the Hong Kong audience (a high-speed mining-themed coaster only found here, and instead of a Haunted Mansion, there's an enchanted house, the spectacular and technologically complex Mystic Manor). In most ways, Hong Kong Disneyland is markedly simpler and far more cozy than the gargantuan Shanghai version or either American version—we call it Disneyland Lite. Attendance has been growing steadily over the years, particularly because in recent times, the resort has added or will add rides based on Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and entire sections based on Toy Story and Frozen. The lines aren't long, so it's fairly easy to ride and do everything you want in half a day (narration on rides is usually in English), and the food is surprisingly decent, with plenty of both Chinese and all-American options. When you're on resort property, the hubbub of the city feels like it's a world away, and all three of its hotels (Disneyland Hotel is the most expensive, Explorers Lodge has the right mix of price and theme) are right on the water, which is a luxury you can't afford in town. The resort is even a good thing to do on a long Hong Kong airport stopover—hop the MTR and drop your luggage for a fee at the special kiosk set up between the metro stop and the front gates. For a much fuller look at this interesting park, check out our full slideshow.