I've always considered it a shame that this space museum, open since 1980 with its distinctive egg-shaped dome and darkened halls, landed in such a coveted spot right on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. Still, visitors travel through another world of space science and astronomy here, where they learn about the solar system, the universe, and man's journey into space. On display are early rockets, a replica space suit that has been opened to reveal various parts and functions, models of a space shuttle cockpit and a future space station, and a giant animated model of our solar system. There are also a few interactive rides and exhibits that let visitors experience a simulated moon walk at one-sixth the earth's gravity, glide through the Grand Canyon, and gyrate in a multi-axis chair that simulates the sensation of tumbling through space. In that dome is the Stanley Ho Space Theatre, with planetarium and OMNIMAX shows several times daily. I have to add, however, that the museum seems dated; it's lift-off time for an update.