Its name is dry and unpromising, but anyone who has witnessed the SAR's changes over the past few decades will find this museum fascinating -- Hong Kong is a never-ending work in progress and this museum gives visitors a firsthand look at the government plans for Hong Kong. Over the next few decades, the city plans to continue to develop its tourism, transportation, and urban infrastructure at what seems like breakneck speed, and the purpose of this museum is to help visitors visualize planned changes through interactive displays, sophisticated computer simulation, and high-tech models that project Hong Kong's new look 10, 20, and even 30 years from now. Future and current projects include West Kowloon, which will become one of the city's foremost cultural and entertainment centers when completed around 2015; a pedestrian promenade on Hong Kong Island stretching along the waterfront from Central to Causeway Bay; and a new cruise ship terminal where Kai Tak Airport once stood. Note: This museum will move into new quarters in 2012, when it will occupy the entire City Hall Annex Building (contact the museum for updated details). Until then, it is only a fraction of its future self at the address below and can be seen in a mere 10 minutes.