After making a name for themselves catering private parties in customers' homes, the owners opened Fook Lam Moon in 1972, followed by a second location at 53-59 Kimberley in Tsim Sha Tsui (852/2366-0286) just five years later. Today, loyal customes claim Fook Lam Moon is the best Cantonese restaurant in town. Although shark's fin has fallen out of favor because of sustainability issues, this restaurant serves it proudly, using an age-old lengthy process that calls for hours of soaking, cleaning, double boiling, and braising in a stock of ham, chicken, and pork. Other exotic (and expensive) dishes include bird's nest and abalone, but there are plenty of other choices, too, including roasted suckling pig and fried crispy chicken. Or, come for a dim sum lunch in the simple yet elegant dining hall.