Located in the upscale Landmark shopping center, Zuma is a contemporary twist on the casual Japanese izakaya style of eating and drinking, in which dishes are shared and ordered in no particular order (you can, for example, order a couple dishes to start with and then add a few as you wish). A seductive spiraling staircase joins the main dining room and outdoor terrace to the lounge and sake bar (where you should order the Rubabu, a rhubarb-infused sake with vodka and passion fruit). The menu also offers contemporary interpretations of authentic Japanese cuisine, including a wide range of sushi, sashimi, and maki rolls (like the salmon, hamachi, and sea bass with avocado and sesame-lime sauce); grilled foods (like Hokkaido scallops with grated apple, wasabi, and sweet soy sauce; or Japanese Wagyu beef with ponzu and wasabi); and signature dishes like miso-marinated black cod wrapped in hoba (magnolia) leaf. Tasting menus require a two-person minimum order and must be ordered by the whole table. In short, this is a fun, sophisticated place for a meal, snack, or a drink.