This visitor center has a video presentation and museum exhibits. Downstairs you'll find an excellent videograph and a cave with a panoramic window facing the Arctic Ocean. On the way to the cave, you'll see several scenes from the history of the North Cape. A monument commemorates the visit of King Oscar (king of Norway and Sweden) to the Cape in 1873, and another exhibit commemorates the arrival of King Chulalongkorn of Siam (now Thailand) who came for a look at the Cape in 1907; Chulalongkorn was the son of the king in the musical The King and I. There's also a monument marking the terminus of the "Midnight Sun Road." You might be dismayed at the steep entrance price, but the exhibits and the views from within manage to artfully and effectively evoke the meteorological and geological drama of the far North. Call before you visit; even in high season, open hours and days are subject to change without notice, and it's locked up like a drum between October and March.