Next to Pearl Island is one of Japan's largest aquariums, containing more than 850 species of animals and some 20,000 creatures. Various zones and themes make it easy to navigate. The display of marine animals around Ise-Shima and Japan includes giant spider crabs and the finless porpoise, the world's smallest whale. The exhibit of "living fossils" -- creatures that have remained relatively unchanged since ancient times -- includes sharks, horseshoe crabs, and the nautilus (which are bred here; babies are often on display), while the marine mammal kingdom includes Commerson's dolphins, Russian walruses, Baikal seals, and sea lions, with sea-lion shows several times a day. The aquarium also boasts exotic and rare creatures such as dugongs, African manatees, and Amazonian turtles and frogs. My only complaint is that some tanks look rather bare and outdated in today's world of ever-more-sophisticated aquariums; maybe the animals don't mind, but spectators sure do. Though it's not as sophisticated or complete as the Osaka Aquarium, you can spend 90 minutes here, longer if you have kids.