If you want to experience state-of-the-art ride tech, hop on and hold tight. This $300-million opus, new in 2019 and reportedly the most expensive roller coaster in the world, is one of the best rides in Orlando—or anywhere. The setup: Hagrid is taking you by motorbike to learn about a few interesting animals in the forest, but as happens in Potterworld and Orlando parks alike, he takes some unexpected turns. There are lots of complex surprises that would be wrong to expose here, so I will just assure you that there are no stomach-grabbing sheer drops, no loops, you won’t get dizzy, and nearly all of the motion is satisfyingly swoopy and swervy, even as you repeatedly vault to 55mph in a second or two. You’ll have the choice of holding onto the handlebars from the motorbike seat or of sitting in the sidecar; daredevils love leaning into the movements on the bike, and tentative riders tend to prefer the sidecar, which is why this ride works for everyone in the family who is of coaster-riding age (height restriction is 48 in., less than Hulk or Doctor Doom).

Warning: Motorcycle seats can potentially squeeze the contents of your back pockets onto the track, so if you forgot to put anything in the free lockers, make sure you transfer it to your front pockets. Tip: Doing this one after dark takes the excitement to an even higher level. There’s a single rider line.