You will be drawn inexorably to the stunning re-creation of Hogwarts Castle, and within, you’ll find a most technologically complex ride. I won’t give away how it’s done, but I will say it’s an epic combination of motion-simulator movie segments and awe-inducing physical encounters as you travel on a jolting, four-person bench that has been enchanted by Hermione to transport you. This being Orlando, things quickly go wrong, and you encounter a dragon, Aragog the spider, the Whomping Willow, a Quidditch match, and Dementors, all in the space of 4 minutes. The mostly indoor queue is perhaps even more magical, taking you through Dumbledore’s study and through the dim halls of Hogwarts, where real-looking oil paintings come to life and bicker with each other. At one point, fake snow falls on you, and a lifelike Sorting Hat supervises your arrival at the loading dock. It’s a tour-de-force that takes the pain out of a long wait, and sometimes they set up a route that lets you enjoy it without having to ride (ask). Once you’re done, you go through Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods, a general-interest shop for Potteria.

Strategy: No loose articles are permitted. Lockers are free for the posted wait time plus 20 minutes. The single-rider line lets you leapfrog much of the wait, but you will miss most of the queue’s excitement. Some people feel queasy after riding, but if you sense that happening, just close your eyes during the three movie portions and you should be fine. Try the test seat out front if you’re a larger guest—many people are not able to ride.