This 2021 addition is steel coaster perfection. The towering 155-foot “top hat” vertical hill that can be seen for miles around is just a small segment of this wild adventure. Fast as a raptor (hence the name), it’s packed with unexpected twists and curves (like the so-called “mosasaurus roll” over the lagoon) that seem to emulate being thrashed in the jaws of a predator dinosaur. But it also has two moments of sudden high-speed acceleration of up to 70 mph that give your blood flow recovery time so you’re less likely to come off with a headache. It’s easy to wax rhapsodic about a ride with such a great mix of thrills and theming. Even the queue and boarding area are well thought-out; you can keep your phone all the way until just before the boarding platform (which is air-conditioned), allowing you to capture the many fun animatronics and unexpected design moments in the queue.

People who track these matters agree nearly uniformly: This is one of the best American roller coasters ever built. We agree (and if for the sake of physical tolerance we had to choose between riding this and Incredible Hulk—a quandary we know some coaster-sensitive guests will face—VelociCoaster wins without question). Tip: A single rider line is often available.