The queue to the left of Dervish and Banges is for Ollivanders Wand Shop, stacked haphazardly to the dusty rafters with wands for every wizard. You enter in small groups, and the kindly shopkeeper selects one child from the group for a personalized wand selection—it selects you—accompanied by music cues and some fun tricks. Wickedly, an attendant then ushers your child, and that wand, directly toward the cash registers in the wand department at Devish and Banges, where you can also buy perfect replicas from nearly every major character of the Harry Potter universe (mostly $50 and up), from Harry to Hermione to Snape to Voldemort to Bellatrix Lestrange to Luna Lovegood. Tip: Pulic interest far exceeds the amount of space it has, so if the line is too long, there are three more wand showrooms that function identically at Ollivanders on Diagon Alley at Universal Studios next door.