The cliché “don’t miss it” rightfully applies here. It fires on all cylinders, and the whole family can do it without fear. After passing through a simulation of the “Daily Bugle” newsroom (take special notice of the hilarious pre-ride safety video, done as a pitch-perfect “Superfriends”-era cartoon), riders don polarized 3D glasses, board moving cars, and whisk through a 1.5-acre experience. Mild open-air motion simulation, computer-generated animation, and cunning sense trickery (bursts of flame, water droplets, blasts of hot air) collaborate to impart the mind-blowing illusion of being drafted into Spidey’s battles against a “Sinister Syndicate” of supervillains including Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin, who have disassembled the Statue of Liberty with an anti-gravity gun.

Although the vehicles barely move as they make their way through the sets (so a ride has low impact on the body), you’ll come off feeling as if you’ve survived a 400-foot plunge off a city skyscraper. Comics fans should keep a lookout for Spider-Man’s creator, the late Stan Lee: He appears four times during the ride, and you’ll hear him once. The ride’s cartoonish style predates the movies with Tobey, Andrew, and Tom, but now that the Spider-Verse is a thing, it’s looking fresh again. Strategy: Go early or late in the day to minimize waits. There’s sometimes a single-rider line and it shoots past the slower standby queue. The middle of the front row is debatably the best place to sit.