Queen Victoria's most cherished residence was built at her own expense. Prince Albert, with his characteristic thoroughness, contributed to many aspects of the design of the Italian-inspired mansion, which stands amid lush gardens, right outside the village of Whippingham. The rooms remain as Victoria knew them, down to the French piano she used to play and all the cozy clutter of her sitting room. Grief-stricken at the death of Albert in 1861, she asked that Osborne House be kept as it was, and so it has been. Even the turquoise scent bottles he gave her, decorated with cupids and cherubs, are still in place. In her bedroom at Osborne House, the queen died on January 22, 1901. Within the Italianate gardens, you can visit a museum of royal mementos, a summerhouse, and a Swiss Cottage where the royal children were taught.