Adahan has a general air of chic elegance. Spacious, airy, and laid back, it makes a good upmarket option for those uncomfortable with the lavish opulence of some of its counterparts. Set in a lovingly restored 1874 apartment building, it pays respect to its original design yet somehow exudes an avant-garde aura. Natural is the key word here, emphasized as much in the olive oil soaps as by the natural fabrics used in all the bedrooms. Eco-friendly measures are also used to collect and treat rainwater, and the sun's rays are harnessed for its water heaters. In the rooms, some of the original stonework is left bare, along with original vaulted ceilings, and other architectural details, offset by potted plants and wooden floorboards.

Cacha, the rootop terrace restaurant continues in the same theme, with a modern Turkish menu offering traditional dishes with a few contemporary tweaks. The breakfast buffet is particularly good, with a dizzying area of healthy choices. Located within the restaurant is Ark of Crafts, a gift shop selling traditional and contemporary Turkish designs. The view from here is impressive, taking in the Golden Horn, Old City, and the mouth of the Bosphorus.