In a city as beautiful as Istanbul, there are understandably many bars that cash in on the aesthetic, with rooftops and terraces that offer a bird’s-eye view of the land- and cityscape. Balkon is such a bar, and is reached by entering a nondescript building and taking an elevator to the sixth floor before ascending more stairs to the rooftop. Despite this clandestine entry, it's a popular evening spot. The food menu here offers standards such as pasta, salads, burgers, and a few local dishes. However, the real attraction is gazing out at the Old City over the Golden Horn, or the twinkling lights of the Asian side of the city on the far side of the Bosphorus. It tends to get busy, with a young professional crowd on weekend nights, when the music leans toward pop and mainstream hits. It makes for a good post-dinner and pre-club destination, however, and is conveniently located in the bustling Asmali Mescit nightlife quarter.