This is normally a bit of an out-of-the-way location, but ideal if you're visiting the beautiful Kariye Museum, a former Byzantine church with an impressive array of mosaics and frescoes. Asitane is set just across the road from the church and offers a a real reprieve from the tourist-thronged café opposite it. In warm weather, you can sit in the stone flagged garden enclosed by ivy-covered walls beneath leafy branches. The restaurant has found fame because of its original Ottoman palace menu. Since 1991, its chefs have been wading through original Ottoman sources to find authentic recipes served by the famed chefs of the imperial palaces of Topkapi, Dolmabahçe, and Edirne. The results are mixed. Sometimes striving for authenticity overlooks modern palates and culinary knowledge–Ottoman cuisine tends to be quite rich, and some taste combinations such as fruit and meat are no longer part of Turkey's culinary culture. Other dishes still lack the refinement you might expect in such a fancy setting. However, Asitane takes care to source quality ingredients from all over Turkey, creating a winter and summer menu based on the season. Stand ut dishes include stuffed quince; rolled vine leaves with sour cherries; and börek filled with chicken, eggs and fresh spices. The year which the recipe dates back to is written beside each dish, just to ensure you appreciate the history on your fork. Attentive waiters hover ready to top up your wine glasses when empty.