There are two branches of this cheap and cheerful restaurant, one on Istiklal Caddesi and one on Asmali Mescit Sokak. Both serve the same menu, which has just a handful of options: chicken, liver, or lamb. These are either served in wraps or, better yet, on skewers brought to your table for you to make your own. Fresh herbs, arugula, onion salad, spicy tomato paste, and spices are brought to your table along with a basket of still warm  flat bread. The name translates as "my darling liver" and is, appropriately, a magnet for local liver lovers. Popular with young and old alike, it's usually full and open until 3am at weekends for stop-offs on the way home from a night on the town. You won't find beer here, but you can get local drinks such as the salty yogurt drink called ayran, or salgam, a spicy fermented turnip juice that is more of an acquired taste.