Despite popular conceptions, Turkey is not an easy place to find those celebrated Middle Eastern specialties, hummus and falafel. But it's not impossible. Falafel House was opened by two Palestinians in a backstreet off Taksim Square. This no-frills little café serves delicious freshly made falafel, hummus, tabbouleh (parsley laced bulgur wheat salad), and ful (mashed fava beans). Try a dish of each to share if you eat in or get a durum (wrap) to take away and eat on the go. With just a handful of tables inside and out, it's often full and is particularly popular with Arab tourists. Unsurprisingly, no alcohol is served and it is more of a destination for a cheap lunch on the go than somewhere you would head for the atmosphere. However, the food is delicious and a little different to the traditional Turkish lunchtime fare, which usually consists of soup followed by rice or bulgur pilaf with meat or vegetables in a sauce.