It difficult to find a reasonably priced restaurant in Beyoğlu that isn't a brassy branch of another soulless chain or a hole-in-wall kebab shop. That's why Ficcin soon becomes something of an old friend to Istanbul's regular visitors. Dependable and affordable with ample seating, it's a reliable choice that serves traditional Turkish home cooking, such as seasonal vegetables braised in olive oil and the ubiquitous kӧfte (lamb patties). However, there are also a few Circassian delicacies that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Try the delicious eponymously titled meat-filled pie, the comfortingly stodgy çerkez mantısı (Circassian dumplings), or çerkez tavugu, which is a paste made from shredded chicken, garlic, and walnuts that is much more delicious than it sounds. 

The restaurant's popularity is such that it has overflowed from its original home to take over four differently decorated restaurants on one street. This means you can choose an ambience from a casual "tradesman"- style diner to a more romantic     setting (floor to ceiling windows allow you to pick from the street). All of them offer the same quality food at the same wallet-pleasing prices. It also holds the trump card of serving alcohol, a rare feature when it comes to more traditional Turkish lokanta- style restaurants that serve up Turkısh home cookıng from a display counter. A cold beer can be a very welcome sight after time spent navigating the throngs of perpetually busy Istiklal Caddesi).