This unpretentious place offers decent Turkish homestyle cooking at affordable prices, just a stone's throw from one of the busiest nightlife districts—making it ideal for those looking to soak up some late night excesses, or line the stomach in preparation of them. Cooked dishes are on display in the window and at the counter, with an emphasis on Black Sea specialties such as kara larhana sarmasi (meat-stuffed black cabbage rolls), or hamsi pilavı (spiced rice with Black Sea anchovies). Select what you want by pointing and it will be brought to your table with a mountain of flatbread to mop it up with. You can also order pide, which some call Turkish pizza but is in fact a filled flat bread, usually topped with a cheddar-like cheese called kasar, garlic sausage, and ground lamb. It's traditional to start these meals with a soup, but if you only want a taste, ask for an az porsiyon (half portion). No alcohol is served but soft drinks are available. This is not the place to come to linger; food is served as more of a functional necessity.