This little eatery that was opened by an emigre from Turkmenistan in the 1920s. In classic Turkish style, it specializes in just one thing and makes sure it does it right. It serves the Turkish staple, köfte, which are little ground meat patties, usually made from either lamb or beef with varying degrees of flavorings. Here, they are made from 100 percent beef, blended with onion, salt, and breadcrumbs—a recipe that has proved a hit and has seen the original restaurant become a chain of franchises that can be found all around the city. Traditionally, köfte are served with pickled chilies and eaten with piyaz, a white bean and onion salad. However, you cans also order them on a dürüm (wrap) for a lunch on the go. Chicken wings and shish kebabs are also available but, really, you only come here for one reason. Conveniently located in central Sultanahmet, this makes an affordable and reliable lunch stop when you need a break from sightseeing. No alcohol is served.