The biblical Abraham wasn’t just the founder of monotheism—he was the world’s first backpacker, according to Maoz Innon, the irreverent owner of this funky, fun hostel/hotel. He hopes to extend “biblical hospitality” to his guests, and no, that doesn’t have dirty connotations. What it means is that much is free here, from Wi-Fi to walking tours of the city to breakfast. It also means, we think, that the spirit of communalism that enlivened the Israel’s first kibbutzim is alive and well at the Abraham. Guests and staff cook up Shabbat dinners together and engage in passionate conversations in the Abraham’s bar and numerous friendly lounges. Sound too touchy-feely? Guests don’t have to partake of any of this. In fact, they don’t even have to stay in dorm rooms here (despite the word “hostel” in the name). In addition to communal rooms, there are also sleek private doubles (with bendy wall lamps for reading in bed, high-quality linens, and lots of light). Group and family rooms also available. Note: the hostel doesn’t only do beds; its brilliant “Hop On Hop Off Bus Routes,” operated by the affiliated Abraham Tours, lets guests travel at their own speed to many normally hard-to-access areas in Israel.