Not so “little,” this extremely friendly hotel is set in a landmark, early-20th-century mansion in one of the city’s outer neighborhoods. It gets a lot of repeat business thanks to its affordable rates and genial staff, who make guests feel like family. That familial ambience continues in the guest rooms, which are nowhere near luxurious but are tidy, comfortable, and pleasant, with art on the walls of the kind your great-aunt might pick. The house offers 13 singles (a rarity in Jerusalem) and an annex with family rooms and suites. Double rooms in the basement are less expensive but not too inviting. The location is on busy Derekh Hebron (ask for a room in the back if you want quiet), with relatively frequent buses into the center of town. It’s within walking distance to gentrified streets and eateries of the German Colony; there’s also an excellent on-site restaurant. If this popular place is full, the management also runs the nearby Little House in the Colony and the Little House in Rehavia. Both are on the same website and offer similar accommodations. For reservations, be sure to specify which Little House you’re asking for. Food is kosher mehadrin.