When locals need to house visiting relatives and friends, this unpretentious yet historic property is the one they often pick. That may be partly because it’s so famous: Completed in 1933 and designed by Arthur Loomis Harmon (architect of the Empire State Building), the building is a beaut, with a magnificent lobby that mixes Art Deco and Islamo-Byzantine touches; and a famed observation tower. Plus, guests can use the 1930s-style indoor swimming pool and modern fitness room at no extra charge. But their choice likely also has to do with the prices, which are usually more-than-reasonable for digs this well located (it’s just across the street from the King David hotel). So although the rooms are nothing to write home about—they tend to be small but clean and with adequate air-conditioning—most who stay here are pleased with the experience. Friendly service and good, although nonkosher, on-site eating options add to the value.