Food purists may sneer, but Jimbaran Bay's seafood barbecue restaurants are a rite of passage as Bali tourist attractions. Besides the priceless local experience of dining with sand between your toes on a picturesque shoreline as the sun goes down, these rustic-style restaurants offer fresh seafood invariably caught not far from where you sit. A traditional fishing community, Jimbaran has fish markets that are regarded as some of the island's finest, with many top chefs sourcing here. Although there are some all-day joints, 4pm sees a multitude of locally run seafood barbecue restaurants setting up makeshift tables and chairs like a well-oiled machine and spilling out onto Jimbaran's white sands. Note there are two clusters of eateries; one is towards the airport and the other is roughly positioned between the InterContinental Bali and the Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay's southern end (known as Muaya Beach)—just head for the barbecue smoke. Feast on succulent freshly caught lobster, jumbo prawns, squid, snapper, scallops, clams, and more, cooked over coconut husk open grills. It's a hit or miss affair in terms of quality and reliability (hygiene and comfort are not a priority), with joints ranging from cheap, no-frills operations to surprisingly upmarket (and pricey) options. Two restaurants on the Muaya Beach section that come recommended are Made Bagus Cafe and Menega Cafe. (If you're not that into seafood, many eateries serve budget-priced rice and noodle alternatives.) Get here early enough to secure a table near the water's edge; dining under the stars, at oil lamp-illuminated tables—it doesn't get much better than that.