Operating since 1956, Bob's manages to retain its old-fashioned feel -- despite being surrounded on all sides by outlet malls, and with prices that have escalated way out of the "budget eats" category. The cooks still fry up heaps of clams and other seafood, toss them with fries and coleslaw into baskets, and send them out with tremendous efficiency. Order at the window, get a soda from the machine, and stake out a table inside or a picnic table out on the deck (with its lovely/unlovely view of marshes and busy Rte. 1) while waiting for your number to be called. The food is surprisingly light, cooked in cholesterol-free vegetable oil; the onion rings are pretty good, but it's the plump clams that have inspired generations of fans to make return visits every summer. You can also get fish and chips quite cheaply if you're not a fan of big, pricey fried-shellfish baskets. Continuing with the unhealthy-yet-so-tasty theme, Bob's scoops up ice cream from an adjacent window -- now that's overkill.