This restaurant has a great atmosphere, in a century-old warehouse with heavy beams and dark-polished wood contrasting with whitewashed walls. Seating is at the counter where you can watch the chefs, or at tables or on tatami. It specializes in grilled chicken using top-grade charcoal, served yakitori-style on skewers. The English-language menu, with photos, lists other possibilities as well, along with set meals and a variety of meat and vegetable individual skewers you can order a la carte. The least expensive set dinner, for example, includes an appetizer, raw veggies with a dipping sauce, and five skewers consisting of chicken breast, Kyoto-style wheat gluten, chicken and leeks, ground chicken, and small sweet green peppers, although most diners prefer to select their own meal so they can get exactly what they want. For sake, you might wish to try the locally made Fushimi brand. On weekdays, there's a reasonable set lunch for ¥840 along with more expensive meals.