If you love tofu or simply want to have a quintessential Kyoto meal in a wonderful setting, this 370-year-old restaurant should be high on your list. Located near Nanzenji Temple and originally serving Buddhist monks, today the rustic, thatched-roof restaurant offers just one thing, making ordering easy: yudofu (a tofu set meal). Although it changes slightly with the seasons, it comes with a pot of tofu boiled at your table, dengaku (fried tofu on a stick), vegetable tempura, goma-dofu (a sesame dish), soup, and pickled vegetables. Several types of tofu are available, however, at different prices depending on where it's from and how it's processed. The ¥4,200 Mukashi tofu set, for example, uses organic beans and mineral water from Shiga Prefecture, while the ¥3,150 Hiya-yakko uses selected domestic beans. But in my opinion, it's the atmosphere that makes a meal here extra special. The restaurant has a pond and garden, and in fine weather you can sit outside on cushioned platforms. Otherwise you'll sit in rustic tatami rooms. Women wearing traditional rural clothing bring your food, making the atmosphere seem like you're dining somewhere in the countryside a long time ago.