This is absolutely the place to go if you want a traditional, big-production wedding; you won’t feel it the least bit tacky. It’s a New England church–style building, complete with steeple. The interior looks like a proper church (well, a plain one—don’t think ornate Gothic cathedral), with a peaked roof, pews with padded red seats, modern stained-glass windows of doves and flowers, and lots of dark wood. It’s all very clean and new and seats about 87 comfortably. There is a short staircase leading to an actual bride’s room; she can make an entrance coming down it or through the double doors at the back. The area outside the chapel is like a mini-mall of bridal paraphernalia stores. Should all this just be too darned nice and proper for you, they also offer a drive-up window. They have a photo studio on-site and will do receptions featuring a small cake, cold cuts, and champagne. There’s a gazebo for outside weddings, and they sell T-shirts!