The global recession hit Vegas hard, but like the rest of the world, Sin City is recovering with improved visitation numbers, the most new development projects in years, and a little bit less red on the balance sheets at the major casino corporations. That recovery, though, is creating a Las Vegas that looks different than it used to, with more of a focus on value and a renewed sensibility that the city is open to more than just the traveler willing to blow $400 per night on a hotel room.

Top 10 Things I'll Miss About Being Mayor by Oscar B. Goodman

1. My constituents, or as I like to call them my peeps.

2. My mayoral parking placard.

3. My showgirls.

4. My throne.

5. Playing the mayor of Las Vegas on CSI.

6. Everyone takes your call when you are calling as the mayor of Las Vegas.

7. The 12 different bobble heads made in my likeness.

8. My lucky mayor's casino chips with my caricature on them.

9. Welcoming visitors and conventions to fabulous Las Vegas.

10. Visitors to my office bearing gifts of Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Oscar B. Goodman was first elected Mayor in 1999 and went on to serve three terms, becoming one of the most popular politicians in the city's history. The former mafia lawyer (who had a cameo in the movie Casino playing himself) was Las Vegas's biggest cheerleader and drove the development of many notable projects, including the Mob Museum, scheduled to open in 2012. His colorful style (he usually showed up at events with showgirls on his arms and had a throne in his office) and say-anything attitude (he often professed his fondness for gin and the "good old days" of Vegas when disputes were settled in the desert with baseball bats) earned him some controversy, but also the respect of constituents who saw him as the perfect ambassador for America's most outrageous city. Goodman's tenure as mayor ended in 2011 due to term limits.

Wayne Newton's Top 10 Favorite Lounge Songs

Wayne Newton is the consummate entertainer. He has performed more than 25,000 concerts in Las Vegas alone, and in front of more than 25 million people worldwide. Wayne has received more standing ovations than any other entertainer in history. Along with his singing credits, his acting credits are soaring -- one of his most fun credits is Vegas Vacation.

  1. "You're Nobody, 'Til Somebody Loves You" (You don't have a body unless somebody loves you!)
  2. "Up a Lazy River" (or "Up Your Lazy River!")
  3. "Don't Go Changing (Just the Way You Are)" (The clothes will last another week!)
  4. "Having My Baby" (Oh, God!)
  5. "The Windmills of My Mind" (A mind is a terrible thing to waste!)
  6. "The Wind Beneath My Wings" (Soft and Dry usually helps!)
  7. "Copacabana"
  8. "When the Saints Go Marching In"
  9. "I Am, I Said" (Huh?!)
  10. "The Theme from The Love Boat" (or "Would a Dinghy Do?")

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