his is a more than okay place to spend a hot afternoon, especially since it’s one of the few family-friendly attractions in town. Plus, unlike most theme parks, it’s indoors! The glass dome that towers overhead lets in natural light so you get the best of both worlds—sunlight and air-conditioning. A double-loop roller coaster careens around the simulated Grand Canyon, and there’s a laser-tag area, some bouncy/twirly/stomach-churning rides, and a modest number of other, tamer rides for kids of all ages. Video games and a carnival-style arcade are separate from the attractions, though it all still feels pretty hectic. The log flume ride closed in 2013 to make way for a cutting-edge roller coaster, El Loco, which is one of only six of its kind in the world. Although it’s a short ride (a little longer than a minute), it’s a scary one, with negative-g drops, reverse barrel rolls, and open cars that seem ready to tip you out.